Best of 517: Farmers Market Fare

We asked our readers in a social media poll for their thoughts on the best farmers market items in the 517.

We asked our readers in a social media poll for their thoughts on the best farmers market items in the 517.


Eggs and Locally Produced Meat

517 reader Katty said eggs and locally produced meat at the East Lansing and Meridian Township farmers markets were her favorite fare. “Eating locally produced meat that is not from factory farms once or twice a week is good for you, good for the local economy and does not harm the environment,” she wrote. Great advice, Katty. We agree; we should all support locally sourced products.

The Sparrow Advantage


All the Fruit and Veggies

The farmers market that takes place each summer on the Capitol lawn was a popular response with our readers. “I love getting corn and blueberries,” Ciara Harris of Lansing said. “It’s also fun to walk through and see what everyone is selling.” The Allen Farmers Market and Holt Farmers Market were also mentioned as favorite places to pick up farm-fresh goodies


The Unexpected

If you don’t regularly attend farmers markets, you may be surprised to know they offer more than fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets bring lots of locally sourced food to the table, from dairy products to locally produced meat. You can even partake in delights like crab rangoons, homemade pies, breads, salsas, dips, tamales and so much more. Support a farmers market near you today!



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