BEST OF 517 Takeout

We polled our readers via social media for their thoughts on the best takeout in the 517.


We asked our readers in a social media poll for their thoughts on the best takeout in Greater Lansing.

Saddleback BBQ

Finger-licking good Southern barbecue is not easy to come by this far north, but Saddleback BBQ does it right — with a twist of Midwestern flair. Our readers voted it the best takeout in the 517 because of its award-winning barbecue and devotion to the community. Customers said they’re proud the Saddleback crew helps donate food to the community and that the food was “made with love.” Stop by the Okemos or REO Town locations to find out why people are raving about Saddleback’s takeout.

Soup Spoon Cafe

“They are doing a fantastic job getting quality food out.”  “Today we went in to grab a carryout order and were met with the most friendly and welcoming staff.” Those are just a few things fans had to say about Soup Spoon Cafe. Comments like those, along with their family-style meals, are the reasons it’s ranked second-best takeout in the capital region. Just a stone’s throw from Sparrow Hospital on Michigan Avenue in Lansing, Soup Spoon is a convenient location for quick, easy pickup. Add Soup Spoon to your menu this week.

Honorable Mention: Pizza

The Lansing area is packed so many great pizza places that it’s tough to just pick one favorite. Our readers mentioned a number of pizza joints, including:

  • Snap Custom Pizza in East Lansing
  • Piazzano’s in Lansing
  • Shove It Pizza Truck
  • Fabiano’s in Grand Ledge and Westphalia
  • DeLuca’s in Lansing
  • Buddie’s in Holt, Okemos and East Lansing

Stand Up and Be Counted

Your opinion matters, so let your voice be heard.

Each month, 517 Magazine will showcase a “517 Best Of” feature that is voted on by our readers. The topic will be posted to the 517 Facebook page, where fans can vote on everything from food and dining options, shopping and entertainment choices, and everything in between across the Greater Lansing region.

Make your vote count by casting your ballot for your favorite business in the area. Find us on Facebook @517 Mag and find out all the details for next month’s vote.


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