Giving a Whole New Meaning to Dinner and a Movie

When most of us head out for an evening of entertainment, dinner and a movie is always a safe bet. Studio C in Okemos has ingeniously com…

When most of us head out for an evening of entertainment, dinner and a movie is always a safe bet. Studio C in Okemos has ingeniously combined the two, creating a restaurant and movie theater all in one place. It is called Oscar’s Bistro. You can either eat in the restaurant area and then go in and see your movie OR you can sit in the movie theater and the wait staff brings you your food while you recline in your seat (yes recline, they actually have recliners).
Let’s think about the pros and cons of this set up. Major pro — you sip your second margarita while watching Bradley Cooper do something. Yes, Oscar’s has a full bar. Small con — it’s a tad dark to really see your food (if this is really important, eat in the restaurant!)
Editor Emily and I met for dinner on a Sunday night. We actually ended up skipping our proposed movie because she had already seen it and we babbled so much I missed the beginning. This turned out to be fine because a movie is not mandatory. We did, however, enjoy ourselves immensely by diving into Oscar’s fun and casual menu.
Ok, it may be cheesy but part of what makes this place fun is the names of the selections offered. Every appetizer, salad, sandwich, etc. calls to mind the name of a famous movie. One cocktail is called The Hangover. One appetizer is the Wizard of Moz. Come on! Get into the spirit! They have lots of spirits. I liked the Tequila Mockingbird.
Emily and I started with Das Pretzels. They were hot and chewy, and served with a jalapeno queso and stone ground mustard. I wanted to get the Portobello mushroom fries served with blue cheese but for some reason I went healthy. I got the (500) Days of Summer. In Oscar’s world that would be a watermelon, cucumber and feta cheese salad. Here I am sitting in a movie theatre eating a fresh and luscious salad. The feta was such a salty contrast to the sweet watermelon. And the cucumber added great crunch. It was so refreshing. Emily got The Cobb-It. It was a unique Cobb in that it had black beans, corn, apples and four different cheeses. Also, the dressing was a spicy ranch. We both really liked it.
The last thing Emily and I shared was a trio of sliders called The Three Amigos. One chicken salad, one pulled pork and one Angus burger with caramelized onion and melted cheddar on a pretzel roll. I wouldn’t let Emily even have a bite of that one.
Remember how I said you could eat your food in the actual theater? You truly can. Everything was manageable to eat in the dark. Thus if you choose Studio C for a date you are not setting yourself up for embarrassment. You are, however, setting yourself up for a good time and good food.
Oscar’s Bistro (inside Studio C!)
1999 Central Park Drive, Okemos
(517) 393-SHOW


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