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Sarah King: Green Cleaning

Being an environmentally friendly person goes a lot further than driving a hybrid car and recycling. Sarah King has been conscious of the…

Being an environmentally friendly person goes a lot further than driving a hybrid car and recycling. Sarah King has been conscious of these additional efforts since she was a little girl.

“Even as a kid, I would hound my parents to death about recycling,” said King.

King credits her grandfather for her participation and interest in eco-conscious activities.

“He’s always said things like, ‘a jar of jelly took a lot of energy,’” said King. “He tried to
reuse everything.”

Two years ago, King took the challenge of creating an affordable natural cleaning product into her own hands. She believes more people would be more environmentally conscious if they could afford to buy natural products.

“Some people simply have no other option than to buy what’s cheap,” said King.

King started by creating a natural laundry detergent for herself. After many friends and family members requested it, she figured, why not sell it? She decided to start a small business, which she named Grounded, and started selling her products in May 2009 in local markets, including East Lansing Food Cooperative and DeRosas Party Store in Holt.

King’s laundry detergent sells for $8 per gallon, which washes between 32 and 64 loads. Currently, she does not see a future in selling her creation to any large corporations. She would prefer to see her products help local, family-owned businesses grow.

Her attitude about her business is that it’s “better to make a mistake than to have never have tried,” which is something she hopes to instill in her daughters.

Aside from Grounded, King has been a stay-at-home mom. King gives credit to women who work full-time, but she has no regrets with her choice.

“My main goal has always been to stay at home with the kids,” said King.

She loves to devote her spare time to her family. She has taught her girls to follow in her green efforts as well. They cook together, compost leftover food and pick their own local fruit, among many other activities.

“I want them to see fruit does not come from Meijer,” said King.

Additionally, King and her family plant trees to replace the dead ones used for firewood, hang clothes to dry, strive to use only cloth napkins instead of paper towels, and buy most of their basic goods locally.

“I enjoy the environment; I’ve always loved the Great Lakes and the woods, and because I enjoy those things, then I should do something to protect them,” said King. “We can’t exist without them.”


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