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Healing Words from a Stranger

The holidays can be the best time of the year, and some of the most stressful days for women. The shopping, wrapping and travel are enoug…

The holidays can be the best time of the year, and some of the most stressful days for women. The shopping, wrapping and travel are enough to defeat even the toughest winter warrior. But fear not, my friends: If you can make it through this month, 2019 is going to be your year.

How do I know? I received a prediction in October – from a prophet on the top of the Acropolis. Although we were jet-lagged and exhausted from the flight from Detroit to Athens, I decided we should tough it out and visit the Acropolis on our first day. While my husband looked around, I wandered, people-watched and waited in the shade near a very old tree. The height of the Parthenon and the sheer majesty of the Acropolis made me feel humble and incredibly small. I said a small prayer for arriving safely, for my children and for a few friends back in Michigan who were in the process of battling real giants. 

And then I heard him. A man was speaking not far from me. Before I ever saw his face, I heard these words: “The world is changing, my friends, and we are all a part of it.” I kept listening. “There are storms ahead.” When I glanced over at the bench where he was sitting, I realized he was being filmed. I also saw he resembled “Diogenes,” my pen name for the old man I once met on the beach in Greece when I was 16 years old.

I walked over to where he was sitting and, when the camera work was finished, asked him where he was from. “Israel,” he responded, offering nothing more. “Is it possible for me to take your picture,” I asked, “so that I may remember this moment?” His answer surprised me, “No. The photo is not important. I want to know more about you.”

He thought I was from Texas, and after asking a few questions about who I was and where I came from, asked if he could pray for me. Now there may be some of you who would walk away at this moment, but I came to Greece after 40 years to find something magical, so I gave him my hand. We bowed our heads and he began to pray in a way that showed he knew why I was there. 

He told me I was a writer and I should continue to keep a journal. He prayed for God to take away all troubles in my heart, which he described with details only my husband knows, and to heal me as I descended from the Acropolis. Then he said something that I will never forget: “The most important thing you will do is help other women. Your life is about a woman, and your gift is to heal yourself and others. Amen.” 

I could not speak and began to cry. It was as if someone had opened me up, turned my skin inside out, cleaned my wounds, and turned me back around. I thought, “How did he know?” By this time, my husband realized what was happening and walked over to the tree. I was thankful he did not judge, but he recognized we were in the presence of something very special. Call it divinity, grace or destiny it didn’t matter. I believe I was meant to find him on the top of this mountain on my very first day of my long-awaited Greek adventure.

I was blessed – by a complete stranger; it is that simple. My gift for you this holiday season is for you to listen carefully to your heart and, between the chaos of the busy season, to hear the ancient wisdom coming to you from deep within you – and to heal yourself, your families and the world. May you walk into your greatness in 2019.


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