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Healthy, Happy and Hungry

Welcome to the New Year! It is a year to celebrate another shot at health and happiness. This is a goal I always strive toward with varyi…

Welcome to the New Year! It is a year to celebrate another shot at health and happiness. This is a goal I always strive toward with varying degrees of success.
When Editor Emily and I were deciding which restaurant in the area offers the opportunity of both “health and happiness,” we were perplexed. “Health” obviously veers toward vegetables (i.e., salads) and for some of you, like me, “happiness” can be found in one lovingly created baked good. What was one to do?
We somehow landed on the Brody Square Cafeteria on Michigan State University’s campus. Open to the public, it is one big, all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of fitting New Year’s choices.
Emily and I met at Brody Square on a fair Tuesday evening and stayed three hours (we like to gab). However, it gave us plenty of time to sample the delights.
I am going to give you a list of all that is offered and then I will share with you our highlights. You can take it from there.
What you can try at Brody:
There is a huge, fresh salad bar/Southwestern/vegetarian/Italian/pizza/grilled items/customized stir-fry/sushi/kosher/international/baked goods/ice cream/deli/a cereal bar/lots more.

Pasta from Brody's Boiling Point/ Photo by Emily Caswell

There is a section called Home-style that served up practically half of a rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was so good I felt like, if I were a college student, I would be able to feel the love of my Mommy hovering over me and taking care of me. It was a warm hug on a plate.
I loved the coconut chicken curry that was the International special of the night. The aroma was gorgeous, and it was perfectly spicy and sweet.
The stir-fry line was the longest line, so we skipped it, but everything that passed our table looked super colorful and fun. The Southwestern arena was very similar to going to a Mexican chain. They even have that special grill that heats up your tortilla before they fill it.
The salad bar was everything you could ask for. It had fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins as far as the eye could see. Specialty salads rounded it out, with Emily and I loving the tuna noodle pasta with peas.
Finally, who wouldn’t adore never-ending Hudsonville and MSU ice cream, hot chocolate chip cookies and so many other sweets your head would spin. And don’t forget that machine that dispenses cold, thick chocolate milk on command. Bliss.
Cupcakes from Brody's Dolce/ Photo by Emily Caswell

Brody Square is an experience as much as a meal. It was fun to bask in memories of our youth as we were surrounded by students studying for their exams. Emily and I passed many a moment rehashing some highlights of our glory days.
Families were there in droves, young children proudly walking back from making their independent culinary choices. Basically, it was people watching with a side of bacon. And the food was worth it.
Actually, that brings me to the value. Brody is $8.99 for adults, $4.74 for children and 5 and under eat free. Not bad for such a huge spread.
I hope you will consider going to Brody Square someday to see what it has to offer. I promise you no matter what you eat, you will come out feeling “happy and healthy” because, surrounded by so much food and life, you just can’t help it.
(Above) The many selections available at Brody Square including a pasta dish from Boiling Point and cupcakes from Dolce.
Colette Evangelista lives in East Lansing with her family. She is active in the autism community and enjoys supporting the Lansing area.


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