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Holding out for a hero: Five characteristics of the everyday champion

When it comes to being heroic, you don’t need to be a firefighter or doctor. Regular people can be heroic with their actions and words. Here are some of the characteristics emblematic of a hero. 


Bravery isn’t just the impulse to save people from a burning building. When something is happening that you do not agree with, speaking up or acting is brave.  


Sometimes the truth is difficult, but sometimes it needs to be said. To be someone who will be honest with another person is important and can make you somebody’s hero. 


Being a hero means working to be an example and an inspiration to others. Heroes don’t need to be perfect, but they need to show that they are striving to be better than the day before.  


Empathy might be the most important part of being a hero. Understanding the feelings of people around you gives insight into the world you inhabit. Sometimes people just need a little time and understanding from the people around them to get through a difficult time or even just a bad day. 


The ability to see a path forward and keep yourself and others on the right course is another aspect of a hero.