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Home, Garden Reads to Help You Love Where You Live

“THE INSPIRED ROOM: SIMPLE IDEAS TO LOVE THE HOME YOU HAVE” by Melissa Michaels gives a relatable voice to her guide on practical decorating ideas. Michaels provides improvements that are attainable for nearly anyone, including tips for lighting, color and basic design principles that will elevate a room to its full potential. Photos of her own personal space inspire readers to add texture, visual points of interest and personal style to create a room that feels like home.  

“QUICK & EASY CURB APPEAL” from Better Homes and Gardens provides ideas for simple projects that make the front of your home more attractive. From transforming walkways to sprucing up the porch and entry ways, this book offers ideas and inspiration that will help create a lasting first impression for your home. It even offers must-dos for reselling the home as well as resources and maintenance references.  

“VERTICAL GARDENING: GROW UP, NOT OUT, FOR MORE VEGETABLES AND FLOWERS IN MUCH LESS SPACE” by Derek Fell is a great read for those of us lacking the space to nurture gardens like we had in our childhoods. In this book, Fell shares tried-and-tested varieties of vegetables, flowers and fruits, as well as recommends the best plants for space-saving vertical gardening along with 100 color photos that show his methods for paving the way to successful cultivation. 

“MICHIGAN GARDENER’S COMPANION: AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO GARDENING IN THE GREAT LAKES STATE” is one of six books in a series by Rita Henehan. In this book, Henehan explains what Michiganders need to know to lengthen their growing season with chapters focusing on lawns, vegetables, flowers and trees. It also looks into plant disease and invasive plants in Michigan. 

“HOUSE PLANT JOURNAL LOG BOOK” from Nina Bird is great for those who like to keep track of their plants through journaling. Users can keep track of watering, sunlight and soil needs; fill out trackers; and more with room for photos, journaling and space for plant species to be recorded. A great gift for someone who is just starting their obsession with plants, this logbook is meant to help the reader formulate the right environment for their plants to thrive.