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5 Ways to Save Money Around the Home

Spring is here, the season of renovations

As spring emerges, we often find ourselves coming out of our own hibernation. It starts with spring cleaning and often leads to wanting to renovate, repair or reimagine a room or rooms in our homes.

Changing things up takes money, so it’s a good time for a gentle reminder to ask ourselves some questions before we break open our wallets. By doing this, we can save a bit of coin.


Is it an emergency?

The supply-and-demand issues we’re currently facing have raised costs of everything from wood to furniture and appliances. Ask yourself: Can this repair or renovation wait?  If you can be patient, things will settle down and prices will fall to a reasonable level again.


Is this a want or a need?

Do you want to replace your kitchen countertop, or do you need to? Do you really need a new garage door, or are you just wanting to freshen up your curb appeal? There’s nothing wrong with either; however, by identifying wants vs. needs, you can put yourself in the right budget mindset. Call it a personal checks and balances.


Do you need new?

With costs up as previously mentioned, you may want to consider opening a door you may have turned your nose up to in the past — purchasing refurbished, gently-used items. Whether you are using Facebook Marketplace or shopping at a store like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Dicker & Deal or local estate sales, you can find nearly anything you need for basic home renovations. You can find some incredible deals and save a lot of money by doing a little bargain shopping.


Can you do it yourself?

Learning to DIY your home renovations can save you a lot of time and money. It can also be a big confidence boost. There is a wealth of tutorials available online. Box stores like Home Depot often offer DIY classes. It’s worth a call to see if there’s one coming up that interests you.


Is sweat equity an option?

Can you talk to your handy person about helping with a job by way of sweat equity? Oftentimes, if you can do prep and clean up, you may be able to save. You never know until you try.


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