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On Woodlake Drive in Okemos, TechSmith Corporation’s (TechSmith) offices lie within a peaceful neighborhood of matching exteriors. You wo…

On Woodlake Drive in Okemos, TechSmith Corporation’s (TechSmith) offices lie within a peaceful neighborhood of matching exteriors. You wouldn’t think the leading work in visual communications dwelled in such unassuming serenity, yet the software company has been leading the charge in video-based innovations since 1987. 

Wendy Hamilton started at TechSmith as executive vice president in 2015, and she became CEO in 2016 to take up the mantle of her father, William, by bringing her decades of product growth and strategic experience to the fold — something that originated at home.

“He was very big on STEM education and thought it was a good way to develop,” Hamilton said of her father. “He steered me in that area because he knew it would be a growth area.”

Hamilton has extensive practice in larger businesses, especially in her previous position as Thomas Reuters’ head of life sciences. But, the legacy of TechSmith— sitting at an estimated value of $50 million as of 2016, with over 250 employees —   is something she treasures for the momentous impact it has had in changing the way people communicate and listen to each other, fromwithin Fortune 500 corporations to everyday folks.

“It’s a lot more fun being an executive at a mid-sized company than being an executive at a bigger company. Just being closer to the product, the innovation and the customer — those things energize me,” Hamilton said.

TechSmith is best known for Snagit: computer software that enables screen-capturing and editing tool for animation, graphics and text. But that’s far from the only software they provide for client toolboxes. Camtasia allows the creation of professional video work without being an expert and Morae enables valuable insight into actual user experiences through steadfast data. 

TechSmith Relay enables educators to document and share lectures from practically anywhere, a sect which is about 20 percent of the company’s client base, with an off-shoot program known as Coach’s Eye providing a similar ease of access for the sporting world. TechSmith provides corporate training and onboarding that teaches audiences how to use their software as well. 

“So, instead of calling a meeting to explain how an Excel spreadsheet works, they can record a quick video with one little red button and just explain how it works — just like that!” Hamilton said. “It’s so much more effective, especially in our society where so much work is done in a different time, different place.”

But for Hamilton, TechSmith’s significance extends far beyond the corporate world, as video has developed to touch the lives of people, from every mark of life imaginable, in the 21st century.

“What really excites me is how easily everyday people can share their knowledge before [YouTube and more], knowledge couldn’t travel the world,” said Hamilton. “I think it’s amazing how video sort of immortalizes that knowledge.”

With Hamilton at the helm, the sky is a limit simply waiting to be further breached. TechSmith’s core competencies are rooted in understanding the next problem and its solution, and that success starts with their technically talented team. And one core competency of special importance rises above all: trustworthiness.

“The innovation comes from feeling comfortable to make mistakes or to say something silly or to get problems on the table. That requires a lot of trust of your managers and trust of your co-workers. So, if you’re not leading with that as a value, you’re not going to get that output and you won’t get great things for your customer,” said Hamilton.

TechSmith Corporation is the go-to company for visual communication, helping anyone from anywhere create significant, quality videos and images to share knowledge. To learn more, visit


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