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Kara Stewart How Hair Care Can Change a Life

Kara Stewart is a born entrepreneur. She works as an independent market mentor and founder with MONAT Global. However, getting to this p…

Kara Stewart is a born entrepreneur. She works as an independent market mentor and founder with MONAT Global. However, getting to this point wasn’t easy. The past few years were turbulent, including a return from the workforce following a 15-year hiatus, a divorce and raising a child as a single mother. Despite the struggles, she’s found her footing in the hair care industry.

At the age of 40, Stewart knew she had to stay determined and act fast.

“I had two fears; one was that I was 40 years old and I had to support myself financially, and two, I had a 3-year-old daughter and I very much did not want our lives to look like I dropped her off in the dark and picked her up in the dark five days a week,” said Stewart. “I wanted to be available to her and, with the business that I built, it allows me to be flexible.”

Thanks to past connections in the direct selling industry, Stewart found MONAT Global when the doors weren’t even open yet, but she still saw potential.

Everything was starting to line up for Stewart.

“I never thought of the term anti-aging hair care before, but this was an anti-aging hair care line, so it all sort of clicked because I was personally facing major challenges with my hair despite going to the best salons and spending tons of money.”

Stewart was going through a lot of changes in her life; the burden of divorce and the stress of raising a child on her own created visible tension.

“For me, when I was pregnant with my daughter at 37, my hair was full and long,” said Stewart. “I quit breast-feeding and was going through the stress of the divorce. Plus, we had the worst water ever in my house in Brighton. To the point where I bought jugs of water at the store and washed my hair with that in the shower, but my hair still fell apart.”

Stewart continues to explain, “As we age, the oil glands in our skin and hair start producing less.”

The stress of life wears down the hair as well.

“Hormonal changes can cause stress to the hair,” explained Stewart. “A lot of things today are harmful for the hair: medications, chemo, even other health challenges can cause stress to the hair.”
After washing her hair with a sample from MONAT, and receiving separate comments on how healthy her hair looked from both her mom and sister, Stewart knew she had found a business she wanted to invest her time into.

Today Stewart has found success, as well as a job that allows her to support herself while still enjoying time with her daughter.

“The biggest and overwhelming feeling I have is gratefulness, because I’m just so grateful for what this has provided for us.”

After a period of uncertainty in her life, Stewart wants to give back.

“So, where I really am now is wanting to help other people who might be like me, who might be in the same boat,” said Stewart. “I can also help people who might want to pay for private school or their kids dance lessons, or books for college. It can be extra income or it can be a full-time opportunity.”

To learn more about the MONAT product line or home based business opportunity please contact Stewart via email at stewartkarajo@gmail.com.


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