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Adorable Teacup Bird Feeder

An easy and interesting bird feeder

This might be the easiest and cutest craft you’ve made.

What you need:

  • Teacup and saucer. Grab one from home or visit your favorite local resale or thrift shop.
  • Craft glue. Make sure you find one that works with ceramic; a product like E-6000 works well.
  • Twine, Chain, or extra-thin rope or cord to use for hanging.

What to do:

Glue the saucer and teacup together, with the cup angled like the photo to make seeds appear as if they are pouring out of the cup. Sometimes it helps to use painters or masking tape to hold the cup in place while it dries.

Once your teacup and saucer glue is fully dry (about 24 hours), wrap your hanging material (twine, cord or chain) around the handle and run it the length you prefer before knotting.

Hang from your favorite branch and add seeds.

*Amp up this craft by buying a plain teacup and painting it yourself.


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Adorable Teacup Bird Feeder

An easy and interesting bird feeder

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