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Lansing Gardens is a One-Stop Shop for the Inner Horticulturalist

There are numerous theories about how, why and where the phrase “green thumb” originated.

Some believe it refers to algae stains from handling potted plants with great frequency. Some believe it stems from a tale about King Edward and his fondness for green peas. Still others believe it’s simply shorthand horticultural slang. Those crazy horticulturists sure do love some good lingo.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: When it comes to making your garden grow, the folks at Lansing Gardens are definitely all thumbs — and we mean that in the best way possible.

Lansing Gardens, 1434 E. Jolly Road, is no longer the small farmers market that founder George Grabowski envisioned when he started the operation. Patrons used to be able to get meat, cheese, produce and other food items in addition to their annuals and perennials.

Flowers inside the Lansing Gardens

Yet today, Lansing Gardens has grown into a locally owned and operated production house for produce and flowers, along with a sweet mix of jams and honey. Boasting an expansive 10 greenhouses, visitors can find just about whatever their hearts desire to make their gardens gloriously bloom.

From small plants, big plants, cute plants, flowering plants, cactus plants, shrubs, herbs, succulents and houseplants to the pots, dirt, fertilizer and tools needed to tend to them, Lansing Gardens has it covered.

Jessica Bown has warm memories of her dad bringing her to Lansing Gardens as a child. He would tell Brown that the business was his one-stop shop for all his gardening needs. Now serving as store manager at Lansing Gardens, Brown has grown to appreciate the traditions set in the 100-plus-year-old business.