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Dating Department: Let me Google that for You

Growing up in the information age I always had a means of finding answers. If Ask Jeeves couldn’t tell me in 1996, it probably wasn’t wor…

Growing up in the information age I always had a means of finding answers. If Ask Jeeves couldn’t tell me in 1996, it probably wasn’t worth knowing.
Today, with smart phones and the wonder of Google, there’s immediacy to unanswered questions. Why on Earth would I go another minute debating the year Sam Cooke died when I could just look it up on my iPhone?
There is a particular set of questions, however, that seems to go unanswered in this information-abundant world: those pertaining love. Not even Google can tell you how to fall in love or how to make love last.
So what’s an information-hungry girl to do?
Well, like many women, I search for the information that is available. I find men that seem to meet my standards and when questions remain unanswered I turn to the Internet. Whether it’s to verify a date’s place of employment or simply see if he exists on Facebook, in this day and age there’s really no such thing as a blind date.
Furthermore, Google has delivered information to suitor-specific questions with accuracy and timeliness. Though exact Google queries may be unsuitable for the publication, I will say the World Wide Web has satisfied my curiosity as it pertains to, for example, a certain handsome man’s “abilities” when said man happens to be paralyzed from the waist down.
Many dating columnists advise against Googling before a first (or even second) date. Sure, it takes the spontaneity out of it, and sometimes you discover things you wish you hadn’t, but isn’t that the point: to save us time or, worse yet, a broken heart?
As I embark on my 26th year as a single woman, I question how much good all of this information is doing. Is it time to shut the laptop and get to know people the old-fashioned way? Satisfy our questions and curiosities about love face-to-face instead of face-to-screen?
As women who seem to have all the answers, perhaps it’s time to take matters of the mind and let them be what they are: matters of the heart. Let’s stop all the questioning and open our hearts, and minds, to the possibility of the unknown. After all, if worse comes to worse, you can always Google a good cocktail recipe and call it a night.


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