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Like My Dad … Maybe

I know that not every woman has a relationship with her father, good or otherwise. I am fortunate enough to have a great relationship wit…

I know that not every woman has a relationship with her father, good or otherwise. I am fortunate enough to have a great relationship with my dad. One day, I hope that Mr. Right is just like him. Mostly.

My dad has a sense of humor that, as a kid, made me roll my eyes. I still do sometimes, when he pulls out some of his puns. I always look for my date to have a good sense of humor. If you’re serious all the time, then it probably isn’t going to work out well. Laughing and not taking yourself too seriously is part of what makes life enjoyable.

Cooking is another thing that my dad is great at. I’m not saying Mr. Right needs to be Bobby Flay, but I like a man who can find his way around a kitchen, and I don’t mean just to the refrigerator. I’ve really gotten into baking over the past few months, so if you can handle more than boiling water, then we may make a great “pare.”

Generosity and helping others are two more things that are part of my dad’s lifestyle. My dad likes to give people more than they are expecting, if he can. He also likes to give of his time and energy, even when it’s hard work. That way of living and giving has been instilled in me, and I want my date to have similar values.

Did I mention that Mr. Right should be a man of integrity? My dad lives his private life and his public life the same. What you see in front of others is what you’ll see when nobody is around. I want to know that my man is the same all the time — not showing up on YouTube in some scandalous fashion.

One of the greatest things about my dad is his unconditional love for me. I don’t have to be perfect at what I do. I don’t have to be a size three. I don’t have to be anything. He loves me as I am, flaws and all, because I’m his daughter. I don’t think I’m asking too much to have the man of my dreams love me the same way.

When the right guy comes along, I truly want him to have a lot of the same characteristics of my dad. Except maybe fewer puns would be good.


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