Local Women: Scarlett Sybrowsky

Baking and working with whole grains has always been a part of Scarlett Sybrowsky’s life. And ever since she opened The Grain Market — lo…

Baking and working with whole grains has always been a part of Scarlett Sybrowsky’s life. And ever since she opened The Grain Market — located inside Lansing City Market — with her husband Travis, it’s been her way of life. Her emphasis is on basic foods that save you money and are better for you.
Q: How did you get started with The Grain Market?
A: I’ve been making bread and working with whole grains my whole life. You just work with basic fundamental food. I started teaching cooking classes back in 1998 showing people how to work with grains, beans and basic foods, and how to incorporate them into their everyday diet. Oftentimes, our objective would be to sneak these wonderful grains into our families’ meals without them knowing. My profession up until we opened The Grain Market a couple years ago was at a bank. I traded my suit for an apron. My husband was [a banker], too, and we call ourselves recovering bankers. I had planned on doing what we’re doing now for retirement, just for fun. We ended up doing it more seriously. It all started with cooking classes and people enjoying it, and one thing led to another. The premise behind everything we do is that what we do is simple; it’s savings and a healthier way to eat.
Q: What do you sell?
A: We sell a wide variety of grains, wheat, oats, some rice and beans that we have local and organic. We do as much local and organic as we can. We, not only have the grains and the beans, but the cool tools to make preparing them easy. The Bosch mixer is a very powerful machine we sell. We also have juicers, dehydrators and our pressure cooker is a top seller. And then we have a lot of little gadgets that make things easier. We have fun with what we do; our objective is for people to have an experience and to come, see and learn. It’s amazing what you can do and how simple it is, as well as the tremendous health benefits.
Q: What are you looking forward to in the future?
A: : I see a good future for The Grain Market because people are focusing more on simplifying and using their dollars differently than they did before. As the economy seems to become a little more uncertain, people go more back to the basics. And that’s what we’re all about: the basics.


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