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I decided to try something new in terms of dating. I actually posted a profile on a free dating website. Yikes! I never thought I would d…

I decided to try something new in terms of dating. I actually posted a profile on a free dating website. Yikes! I never thought I would do that; I’m not usually a fan of the free sites because of the elements that generally tend to gravitate there. Needless to say, it’s been very interesting.

Same Crowd

There were profiles on PlentyofFish.com that I recognized from one of the well known, “as seen on TV” websites. I was pleasantly surprised. To me that meant there were potentially some decent men on the site that weren’t there just for a good time.

You Wanna’ do What?!

Of course there were those men on the site strictly looking for casual encounters. There is an option for you to instant message with someone if they are online on the site. In trying to be a little more open to meeting new people, I accepted an invite to chat with someone whose profile I hadn’t even seen. Within 30 seconds, I knew he was just out for a good time. He wanted to call me right then. I told him that wasn’t going to happen, and that I didn’t think this was going anywhere good. He immediately disconnected from the chat.

Liars and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Beware the smooth-talking ilk that make their way onto the site. One guy (to call him a gentleman is more than he deserves) in particular came across nice at first. Unfortunately, that was not the case. After some emails and chatting online, we decided to meet. The date went really well and he seemed great.
We made plans to get together again, and all seemed well after that date . The next day, after again making plans to meet up, he emailed me saying that he had a good time but really just wanted to find someone who had children the age of his children. This was all well and good, but he would have known before he even contacted me that I didn’t have children by simply reading my profile.
In the meantime, he proceeded to chat with a girlfriend of mine who happened to ask me about how things were going with him. When she found out how things had ended, she decided to test him on a few things and discovered he was less than honest about what happened.
I’ve moved on from him because there are PlentyofFish in the sea. I’ve recently been seeing a true gentleman. Is he my prince charming? Who knows, but we’re developing a good friendship. Anything is possible.


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