Maple Makeover

Iabsolutely love Pottery Barn; I could spend every penny of mine in that wonderful store, but my husband won’t let me. As a young and new…

Iabsolutely love Pottery Barn; I could spend every penny of mine in that wonderful store, but my husband won’t let me. As a young and newly married woman, I have to get realistic and save a little cash and get creative! I had an old dresser made from solid maple. It’s made extremely well but I just didn’t need it for the purpose as a place to take up space in a bedroom, so I decided to turn it into a T.V. stand (pottery barn inspired of course)! Below you’ll find how to turn a painted dresser into a T.V. and entertainment stand. If you have an already bare dresser, you won’t need to follow the steps on paint stripping in step one.

Step 1 — Get your piece of furniture in a well-ventilated place (garage is best location). I started off by buying some paint stripper and a scrapper which can be found at any hardware store. I sprayed the stripper on the paint and let it work its magic. Next you’ll need to use a little muscle to start scraping the paint off. Follow the directions and make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands!

Step 2 — Take an electric sander — depending on the type of wood you can find different levels of sanding paper. Next you’ll want to sand that baby down! Sand, sand, sand until the paint is completely gone and the wood is soft as can be. Clean the surface and of all the sanding debris and step back and look at all your hard work!

Step 3 — Find a wood stain you like. I’m a little picky, so I ended up taking two different Miniwax brand stains and mixed them together to create my own color. Personally, I like to stain wood with a rag. You can pick up rags in the stain isle of the hardware store — which are very inexpensive — or rip up an old t-shirt. Dip it in the stain and spread it onto your piece! I put two coats of stain on, but you can put on as many coats as you want until you’re satisfied with the color. Just remember it starts dark and dries a little lighter.

Step 4 — Time to turn it into an entertainment center with doors! I measured the space where I wanted the doors to cover and took the measurements over to a lumber yard in Charlotte, Mich. I picked up matching maple wood in large slabs and they cut it down to size for me there. Then I went home and stained the doors

Step 5 — Use polyurethane to seal the piece. This will seal the wood and give you a nice finished look that will be easy to clean. Next, find any hinges and finishing you want for your piece. I went to Home Depot and got the hinges and door pulls. There are many different kinds of hinges, so make sure you have the correct kind that opens in the direction you need it to. Any store worker can help you with that.

You can finish the doors even more by adding trimming to make it look even more complete. Now take it inside and wa-lah! You have a T.V. stand!


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