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Mark Foundation Helps Guide Those on Their Health Care Journey

One man’s strength and struggles during his lifetime have given rise to a legacy that helps others facing similar battles.

One man’s strength and struggles during his lifetime have given rise to a legacy that helps others facing similar battles.

The Mark Foundation is a new nonprofit advocating awareness regarding kidney disease and helping to guide people who feel lost in the health care system. The foundation’s name is both a remembrance of the CEO’s beloved brother and an acronym for Memories Are Respectfully Kept.

The Mark Foundation was created in memory of Mark Alan Weaver, who passed away in March 2015. Weaver had health problems all his life stemming from an autoimmune disease that made it difficult to even fight off the common cold. After needing to replace both hips due to degenerative arthritis, Weaver was prescribed pain medication, which led him down the dangerous road of addiction. The high doses of pain medication had also damaged Weaver’s kidneys and liver.

Through his battles with addiction and health issues, including three bouts of necrotizing fasciitis necrotizing fasciitis, Weaver fought on with hope, kindness and resilience. He was a hero to his sister, Marcy Rzepka, who created the foundation in his honor.

“I wanted to do something good in my brother’s name to honor his vigilance and kindness to others,” Rzepka said. “Whereas I will never be my brother, nor can I change what happened to him, I can do good and help others maneuver through their health care issues and help them not only find but keep their voices.”

Before his death, Weaver was working toward a degree in psychology and teaching others about addiction. He had hoped to help people who were going through the same problems that he had worked so hard to overcome.

Throughout Weaver’s ordeals, he felt he was often not heard when it came to his health. The foundation hopes to fight for people to be recognized and understood when it comes to their health and needs.

“For those of you who met my brother, you will agree that this is exactly what Mark would have wanted me to do,” Rzepka said. “For those of you that never got that opportunity, I hope you feel his strength in all I attempt to do for you in his name.”

For more information about The Mark Foundation, visit the foundation’s website at


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