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Maximizing Your Garage Space: Creative Storage Hacks for a Clutter-Free Oasis

As we head toward the cooler months and put all our lawn and garden items back in storage, most likely in our garage, we may need to work some magic to make it all fit again. 

Here are five space-saving ideas for your garage.  

Pegboard wall
Install a pegboard on one of the walls to maximize vertical storage. Use hooks, shelves and holders to hang gardening tools and other items. This helps keep them safely off the floor and makes them easily accessible. 

Overhead storage
Installing overhead racks and shelving makes for a perfect place to store seasonal items, large containers or items that aren’t frequently used. Just be responsible about weight limits and secure properly for safety. 

Magnetic strips
Attach magnetic strips on the walls or even inside cabinet doors to hold metal tools and small items. This will keep them visible and easy to find, instead of getting lost in the abyss that is your junk drawer. 

Storage bins
Clear bins are great for storing items like sports equipment, holiday décor and even camping gear. It’s always easier to find what you’re looking for without even having to open the bin.  No clear bins? Color code your bins for easy storage and to find what you need later. For example, holiday storage can go in green bins, while summer décor goes in blue. 

Give old furniture new life
That ugly dresser is still functional. Move it to your garage to create a giant toolbox. You could even remove dresser drawers and replace them with one slat of wood to become a shelving unit. 

Remember to declutter and categorize before implementing these projects in order to make the most of your garage space.