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Mother Flippin': Dad’s Day His Way

I love a good reason to celebrate. That is why May is my favorite month. In the course of three weeks, we celebrate Mother’s Day, our ann…

I love a good reason to celebrate.
That is why May is my favorite month. In the course of three weeks, we celebrate Mother’s Day, our anniversary and my birthday. Don’t let my love of May fool you. I am not terribly particular. If you give me an excuse to raise a glass, I will be there with my dancing shoes on. I will wear a costume if there is a theme and always travel to the second location. I am that committed to a good time.
My husband Paul is not a party person. He prefers the quiet of our home or a canoe ride down one of our fabulous Michigan rivers. I always invite him to parties and he mostly declines. Sometimes he will come along when the celebration is important to me. However, his spirit is more satisfied with celebrations that emit a tiny whisper instead of a big bang.
On Mother’s Day, I require special treatment. I have given life to three little boys and somehow, I have even managed to keep them alive. Those are good reasons to celebrate. I deserve some red carpet recognition. That usually translates to breakfast in bed, mimosas, shopping and whatever my heart desires on that Sunday.
When Father’s Day comes along, Paul does not require special treatment. He, in his less demanding and dramatic way, lovingly accepts a day with his family. Well, he used to until he saw how I treat Mother’s Day. Now his silent celebration is expected. There’s usually a state park involved and a picnic.
Compared to my guy, I probably look pretty self-indulgent and spoiled. My one saving grace is that I believe everyone I love should be celebrated in the way that suits them best. I am already taking notes on the birthday party requests and whims of our children. I look forward to celebrating them.
Paul is an exceptional husband and father. There is no role in our household that is just mine or just his*. I feel silly for singing his praises for doing laundry, caring for his boys and supporting my work. Isn’t that what a loving spouse is supposed to do?
If your answer to that question is “yes” than you’d agree with me that Paul definitely deserves whatever kind of Father’s Day he wants. My husband is a good reason to celebrate.
*Disclaimer: We do have two jobs that we have claimed. Paul mows the lawn and takes out the trash. I lie in the hammock and put a new trash bag in the trash can.


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