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Paws and Effect: Robotic pets provide seniors with companionship and comfort

Comfort and memory are lifelong partners, according to Amy Wilczek. 

“They go together,” said the director of placement for Oasis Senior Advisors in Greater Lansing. “When you remember something, you’re either going to remember it because it was a terrible thing or because it was something that made you feel good. With animals, it’s something that brings out that feel-good memory.”   

Animals can make significant contributions to quality of life when it comes to mental, emotional and physical health, whether it’s lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, managing anxiety and depression or simply providing support.  

Yet from allergies to disabilities and the inability to provide the necessary care to a living, breathing entity, pet ownership is an impossibility for some. However, lifelike animatronic pets are quickly becoming a popular alternative to help people find a form a comfort and companionship that was previously unavailable due to circumstances — and finding forever homes for the furry and technology-driven devices is particularly becoming more popular among seniors and older adults with dementia.  

elderly woman with bird

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