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A Journey to Jackson College

Each year, more than 7,500 students head to Jackson County to enroll either part time or full time at Jackson College.

While major universities get the lion’s share of attention, a large number of students find the environment where they best thrive in their educational pursuits at a smaller school, where class sizes tend to be tailored toward more individualized instruction and one-on-one direct interaction with educators is more accessible.

Each year, more than 7,500 students head to Jackson County to enroll either part time or full time at Jackson College. Burrowed amongst farmland and trees 6 miles south of the city of Jackson, its campus touts the combination of function, art and learning.

The school began as Jackson Junior College in 1928. In 1965, voters agreed to separate the college from being a division of Jackson Public Schools, making the college its own entity. That prompted a name change to Jackson Community College and finally, in 2013, the school’s board of directors approved the shortened moniker of Jackson College. The school offers 48 associate degrees, certificate programs and transfer options to Jackson County and Michigan residents.

Jackson College operates four campuses. The central campus is the primary location of the school and sits on 500 acres. Most of the college’s academic and administrative buildings are located at the central campus. That includes the Jackson College Potter Center, a popular performing arts complex that houses three theaters.

“Jackson is a great place to work,” said Rick Smith, assistant athletic director and coach of the Jackson Jets baseball team. “We’re all about student success and the care of the students who become Jets on their way to their future endeavors.”


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