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A Meander by Murals

Lansing has long been a #MIArtCity.

There is something incredibly spiritually satisfying about outdoor art. Not only does it help define the character of a community and reach out to touch the souls and minds of passersby, but it’s almost like an optic offering of enjoyment to residents and visitors on behalf of the creator.

Lansing has long been a #MIArtCity. Now with warmer weather upon us, here is your challenge: Take a long walk or bike ride and enjoy the art that has been provided to us by talented artists and muralists.

The building at 2722 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing houses the popular People’s Kitchen Restaurant as well as a flexible shared office space called the Hive. Artist Kevin Burdick created a bit of a buzz by helping bring the Hive to life. See more of his work at

Find this mural by Lansing-based artist Kelly Boyle, commissioned by Meridian Township, at the entrance to the Meridian Large Dog Park at 1990 Central Park Drive in Okemos.

Spartan Lighthouse – The Hub building at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Bogue Street in East Lansing has a colorful mural created by artist Joe Miller. He can be found on Instagram at


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