Creator Craftsmanship: The Fledge offers gifts from the artistic heart

There’s a place in Lansing that you probably don’t know exists. There’s a place that is a House of Yes. It is called The Fledge.

Everyone enjoys giving gifts, but customized gift-giving is especially cool.

Now imagine giving a customized gift that you created. That would be super cool. There’s a place in Lansing that you probably don’t know exists. There’s a place that is a House of Yes. It is called The Fledge. On the outside, it resembles a church. On the inside, it is the creator’s paradise. Housed in the refurbished building is an oasis of what may make your heart sing.

If you are looking for something unique to give, those who use the space have art offerings of many genres and styles. You can purchase music, paintings, sculptures, crafts, clothes and even seasonal food. The mission of The Fledge is “to create opportunities to pursue happiness: radical inclusion values, not rules.” That means if you can dream it, they will help you create it.

Imagine this holiday season you wanted to get a gift for someone that you will never be able to find anywhere else.

What is even more special is that you could be a maker. Would you like to explore painting but are not sure where to begin? You can start that journey at The Fledge. Have you ever thought about producing a “beat,” penning a song, recording it and giving that song to a special someone? That can happen at The Fledge.

The choices of gift-giving are infinite when you have the freedom to find someone to create or allow yourself the freedom to create. You may tap into a fountain of fun that may be a newfound path to the personal growth of untold wealth. Or it could just be a cool one-of-a-kind gift sparked by thought and limited only to your imagination.

All things are possible at The Fledge.


Reasons to Visit

  • There is a living performance space on the grounds of The Fledge.
  • The Fledge is an incubator not only for artists and aspiring businesspeople but you can also mine bitcoin.
  • At The Fledge, the answer is always yes. And they will help you find a way to achieve that yes.


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