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Explore the outdoor world at the Harris Nature Center

Respect for nature comes through an understanding and appreciation of all its wonders.

For nearly a quarter-century, the Harris Nature Center, 3998 Van Atta Road in Meridian Township, has been providing learning and exploration experiences that open the incredible world of nature to people of all ages. Set on the banks of the Red Cedar River, the center is a destination that feels like it is the middle of nowhere while being in the middle of everywhere. The four-season experience can be visited for relaxation, education or communion with the natural world.

The Harris Nature Center incorporates 48 acres nestled in Meridian Riverfront Park. Surrounded by wooded trails that allow guests to see and hear the living world around them, the nature center itself offers exhibits that include live animal displays and interactive exhibits. The animal residents in the educational center have been rehabilitated from some type of injury and meet the requirement of being native to mid-Michigan.

Amenities on the grounds include picnic tables, a gazebo, a fishing platform and even seating areas that include a lush waterfall pond. There is also a play area for kids that boasts a replica of a beaver lodge.

Visitors can reconnect with the living landscape on a nature walk or just find a comfortable place to sit, relax and stare off into space with the sounds of nature surrounding them. The park may be enjoyed seven days a week from dusk until dawn.

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Reasons to Visit

A variety of single-day or multi-day summer camp options are available with COVID-19 safety measures in place.

An observation deck is accessible by all individuals, including those who are differently abled.

Over 6 miles of trails traverse through the 200 acres of Meridian Riverfront Park.