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Owners of X-Golf Lansing bring world’s courses to you

It doesn’t take living in Michigan for too long to realize that the Mitten’s weather can be extremely fickle. Even on the nicest day, you may have had enough sun and want to enjoy an indoor activity.

Imagine how exciting it would be to play a full round of golf at Scotland’s historic St. Andrews Links in Fife, which is the original golf course that started smacking a ball around in nature with a crooked stick to eventually place it in a small hole. Just take a quick trip to X-Golf Lansing and you can do that with one of the business’s golf simulators.

Owners Joe and Nate

Owners Joe White and Nate Riegler met during a neighborhood golf outing and got along well enough to decide to take over X-Golf Lansing across from Meridian Mall and just down from Henry’s Place in Okemos.

“It’s more like playing golf than what people think. It’s a different experience that is better in a lot of ways,” said Riegler.

“You’re playing a real round of golf when you’re playing here,” White added.

You don’t have to wait for a great weather day to play a bucket of balls, perfect your swing with a golf pro, play courses from around the world or just hang out with friends enjoying snacks and libations. X-Golf Lansing offers a menu that includes wings, pizza, pretzels, corn dogs and a full bar. And for those special party occasions, there are catering options as well.

X-Golf Lansing has six state-of-the- art simulators that are designed for golfers of all skill levels. It gives you a place to begin the game of golf, sharpen your skills or join a league — all in the comfort of a weather-controlled space. You can also get instant feedback on your golf swing with data points, swing analytics and instructor recommendations.

It’s one of the many places you can check out for indoor fun this summer and year-round.