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Pssst. The Secret is Out on Gen. Z Hush Trips

Hush trips, where remote employees work from a vacation destination without telling their employer, are gaining in popularity. But the secret is out. surveyed nearly 1,000 Gen. Zers who currently work remotely or hybrid, and the survey’s key findings are posted in a new report. 

Among them: 

  • 44% of Gen. Z workers surveyed have taken a “hush trip.” 
  • 57% of hush trip takers gave the impression they were still working normal hours. 
  • 65% used a virtual background to trick employers.  
  • One-third worked two hours or less per day.  

According to the report, 2% of respondents said they have taken a hush trip many times, while 21% said a few times and 21% only once. 

Similarly, 62% of respondents said they have used a sick day as a vacation day. 

Why the need to keep it a secret? A little more than half, 51%, of those who took an undisclosed trip said they did so because their request was not approved. Additionally, 27% said they didn’t have any paid time off to use and 20% didn’t want to use PTO. 

Hush trip takers mostly traveled to another state for vacation (51%), but 33% said they stayed in their state, while 17% left the country. 

Overall, 41% of hush trip takers said their employer found out, while 45% said the employer did not and 14% are unsure. Of those who were discovered, the majority did suffer some consequences, including being reprimanded (71%) or fired (7%).