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Holiday Roads

Summer road trip? Tame travel boredom with some ideas to keep the family occupied while on the road.

Hitting the road for your summer vacay is chaotic. You make lists for packing, food, rest stops and beyond — but do you plan activities to tame travel boredom?

If you are trying to avoid the zombified look on your teen’s face from staring at his or her cellphone for nine hours straight, or even just the words “I’m bored,” it’s time you made an action plan.

Good old-fashioned car games are still fun for everyone. From watching license plates to see which states are represented to visual scavenger hunts, games will help pass the time.

Try a little CARaoke! Family singalongs are a blast, especially when Mom and Dad play along.

Find a podcast the whole family can listen to together.

Plan stops by letting each member of the family chose one stop along the way. Whether it’s a stop for ice cream, a quick hike, a photo or to see a special landmark, giving each member of the family a choice will go a long way in making them feel acknowledged. That will go a long way toward making your road trip enjoyable.


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