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Relax at Reno’s

Reno's famous potato pizza/ Photo by Emily Caswell

Reno's famous potato pizza/ Photo by Emily Caswell

If you recall, last month had Editor Emily and I huddled around a fire at a cozy little Italian family restaurant harboring bad attitudes about the weather. This month, glory be to the awaking of Mother Nature, we basked in the warmth of the sun. Our happiness came complete with sunglasses, tropical drinks and the background music of a carefree and relaxed life.
Ah … summer. It is finally here. And with it we usher in many a festive day. One of significance is the day we honor that fantastic man in our lives, the father. Father’s Day for me conjures up the image of the super hero of the house. He stands feet apart, shoulders squared, brandishing a bar-b-que tong that holds the perfectly cooked steak. He is the man who cares for us, protects us and loves us.
How can we honor him? What is a great way to show our appreciation for all he does? Well, there are razors, flashlights, golf equipment and your odd clay ashtray. Or you can bring him on down to Reno’s East and give him an evening of ease and great eating.
Reno’s is the perfect place for any father. It has a gift in that it can meet the needs of all the different aspects that define a man. Need a night out with the boys? Done. Reno’s is sports central complete with flat screens, coach appearances and more beer and libation choices than one can possibly wrap their head around. Reno’s is very proud of their extensive tap menu. As they should be.
Looking for a casual night out with the kids? Reno’s, regardless of its alcohol-fueled undertones, is an incredibly kid friendly destination. How can you fail when the place offers free popcorn and has paper towel rolls available on every table?
Loaded waffle fries at Reno's/ Photo by Emily Caswell

With all it has going for it, Reno’s food fits the bill as well. The menu is simple. There are a multitude of salads, burgers and sandwiches. Also, no CAWLM food article can be complete without a face-first dive into a restaurant’s pizza menu.
Editor Emily and I attempted to chose our meal based on what a man may like (Alright, this is a total lie. However, it gave us the excuse to go big or go home). Before I get into the specifics of what we ate, let me make one thing clear. Reno’s likes bacon. What I mean by this is that approximately 66 percent of the menu contains bacon. If this is not a fact after a man’s heart, I am not sure what is.
Our meal began with a signature dish. Picture a steaming basket of crisp waffle fries covered in scallions, melted cheese and bacon. Just to make your taste buds expire in happiness (and your heart weep in fear), a ramekin of cool, homemade ranch is served alongside.
Emily moved on to their potato pizza. Not your typical approach to a pie, it was covered in a garlic cream sauce and topped with roasted potatoes, onions, bacon, Asiago and Mozzarella cheese. With such a strong choice of flavors, this pizza did not miss a beat. It may have not been traditional, but it sure was good.
I ordered the fish sandwich. Now, we have fish sandwiches galore here in Michigan. In fact, Reno’s actually makes a concerted effort to use many Michigan products. This sandwich, however, had a mind of its own.
Beer battered haddock was encased in a chewy ciabatta bun. Then tartar sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and cheddar cheese are added to the mix. What set this fish apart from all the others is what is called Boom Boom sauce. They are not messing around. It reminded me of a spicy thousand island dressing. It was zing and tang and kicked this sandwich up a serious notch.
Ultimately, if you find yourself looking for a great place to go and relax with a festive cocktail and a casual meal, Reno’s is an excellent choice. It is not stuffy or overdone, just comfortable and dependable. Just like that wonderful man we call dad. He even gets to leave his apron and tongs to the professionals as he relaxes with the ones he loves.
Reno’s East is at 1310 Abbot Road, East Lansing. Contact them at (517) 351-7366.


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