Restaurant Review: All Season Grill

The very first restaurant review I wrote for this publication was for the dear but departed All Season’s Bistro. A new restaurant with a …

The very first restaurant review I wrote for this publication was for the dear but departed All Season’s Bistro. A new restaurant with a similar name, but very different cuisine, recently opened at this location. I headed over on a Tuesday night for a taste. The All Seasons Grill specializes in Mediterranean seafood and steaks. They offer catering services dining in the restaurant and taking food to go.


All Seasons Grill offers typical Mediterranean fare, with the emphasis on grilled meats and seafood. There is also a wide selection of fresh pressed juices and juice smoothies.


Arabic coffee is something I do not make at home, and I needed a little caffeine jolt. The tiny cup of thick coffee for $1.80 hit the spot! For starters, we shared the Fried Okra for $3.99 and the Baba Ganoush and Hummus combo plate for $6.90. The combo consists of a plate half filled with hummus (chickpeas mixed with tahini and lemon juice), and baba ganoush (baked eggplant mixed with tahini, lemon, garlic and yogurt), on the other half. A basket of fresh baked pita rounds and wedges of pita bread came with the dips. Both were good and well seasoned, but the fresh pita was a little bready, and not as good as the pita served in my other favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in town. The heavenly little puffs of okra in a crunchy, non-greasy shell were delicious! The white sauce served on the side tasted like a bland ranch dressing, so I skipped the sauce and dipped them in the garlicky baba ganoush instead. I will come back just for a plate of the okra!


I chose the Falafel Sandwich for $5.55, which included a salad. The salad was fresh and crunchy with a lemon and herb dressing, heavy on the mint. The Falafel Sandwich was good, and the pita wrapped around the filling was very soft and fresh. I would have liked the seasoning spicier, but it would be a good choice for those who like milder dishes. My dinner partner ordered the Greek Salad, $5.90, with grilled lamb added on for $3. The salad was a dinner plate sized version of my salad, topped with feta cheese and kalamata olives. There was a generous amount of grilled lamb on top, cooked medium rare, as requested.


I was curious about the inclusion of Banana Pudding, a Southern dessert favorite, on the menu. The server tactfully suggested we would be happier with the Baklava. We ordered one Baklava, for $1.40 to split and she included a pastry finger. Both flaky sweet pastries were fresh and buttery.


Our server was very efficient and kept the water glasses filled. She did not hesitate to give us her opinion on some of the menu items, and gently steer us to better selections.


While the warm woodwork remains, the room seems empty because the beautiful Gijsbert van Frankenhuysen murals are gone. Some partitions were removed, so there is a much more open space than in the previous restaurant at this location. The tables are bare, but cloth napkins are provided, which is appreciated.


Sandwiches and salads are reasonably priced, with some of the grilled entrées in the higher price range.

Hot Tip

All Seasons Grill offers free delivery on orders of more than $25, so get out of the kitchen and let them do the cooking on a hot summer night!


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