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Sparking the Sense: The Comfort Zone Cigar Lounge & Bistro

A feeling of home is the goal.

That is, if your home had a walk-in humidor, a full-service kitchen serving lunch and dinner, and a fully stocked bar. Contentment and a sense of place and ease are served up as specialties at The Comfort Zone Cigar Lounge & Bistro.

Occupying the former Leo’s Outpost site at 600 S. Pennsylvania Ave. in Lansing, The Comfort Zone provides a welcoming and accessible elegance courtesy of husband-and-wife owners Steve and Re’Shane Lonzo. Guests can experience a full spectrum of settings from an upscale date night to a luxurious lounge.

“This place is an inclusive lounge where people feel like they have a home,” said Alissa Morales, general manager. “We have amenities to offer for any budget.”

The Comfort Zone was planned to feel accessible.

“If you are looking for a space where you want to break the boundaries of norms, this is a great place to come and see what the finer and edgier things of life are like — a place where like- minded people can exercise their hobby in a cozy atmosphere,” Morales said.

The Comfort Zone has a state-of-the-art air filtration system that offers a clean and classy space to allow you to have an experience that sparks excitement for all of your senses.