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Eubanks serving as keynote at Inspiration and Influence Awards There’s no question about it. Lansing is filled with some very influential…

Eubanks serving as keynote at Inspiration and Influence Awards

There’s no question about it. Lansing is filled with some very influential women. From the incredible things they do for communities to the small roles they play in daily lives, they are constantly impacting and inspiring positive change for all. One inspiring woman who is making an impact is Michigan’s 47th state treasurer, Rachael Eubanks.

Eubanks not only believes women can do so much more than they believe they can, she pushes them to do it. As the keynote speaker of the 2019 Inspiration and Influence Awards, Eubanks is a voice for not only the state Treasury, but for women as a whole. As the first female treasurer for the state of Michigan, she is breaking barriers that have held women back for decades while opening new perspectives for the future.

“I think having the story of being a first is hopefully inspirational,” Eubanks said. “If there is something that you feel like you can’t do, for whatever reason, because those who have done it before don’t look like you does not mean you can’t go do it and be successful in doing that.”

Eubanks was sworn into office in January. Since then, she has been working to improve the economics and success of the state. The East Lansing native has always had a strong interest in public policy, and her work as a financial adviser of the $185 million Public Lighting Authority overhaul of Detroit’s street lighting system allowed residents to see her work firsthand.

By looking at where the state is underestimating itself, Eubanks is using her unique role in the Michigan Department of Treasury to help build a better Michigan through financially related issues.

“The ability to try to create a more successful state of more successful people is something that I hope to do. That could come in the form of looking at our local governments and seeing what kind of support they need and really having a local unit as a government that is vibrant and sustainable are critical to our success as a state.”

Her diverse background and the fact that the Treasury is basically in her blood allows Eubanks to give Michiganders innovative solutions. She grew up watching her mother make a difference in the Treasury. Eubanks’ mother was a mentor to her and the countless other women looking to influence and inspire change within local communities. When Eubanks took office, she had the pleasure of placing her face among the portraits of past treasurers that line the walls of the Department of Treasury. She not only brought diversity to that collection of male treasurers, she had the honor of having her mother lead the ceremony and witness her accomplishments.

“She ended up setting up a network of women’s organizations,” Eubanks said. “She set them up, and I got to take advantage.”

Eubanks will soon empower local women with her story by speaking at the 2019 Inspiration and Influence Awards. By continually supporting one another, Eubanks believes women can set forth a path to move forward – not only as a state but individually.

“You can do so much more than you think you can. Set a path and acknowledge the experience while still succeeding at a high level,” Eubanks said. “Sometimes we create our own barriers.”

When not in the office working to better the state of Michigan, Eubanks is spending time with her husband and cat, Stella, or she can be found sliding across the ice in an intense game of curling with the Lansing Curling Club. She serves on many different boards and takes a personal interest in areas where she feels more attention needs to be paid. Eubanks is not only inspiring, she is empowering: to women, to our state, and to the attendees at the 2019 Inspiration and Influence Awards.


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