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Fashionable Gifts for Father’s Day

Looking for gift ideas for dad?

How many tools and ties can one man have?

Fathers can be notoriously difficult to shop for — so much so that you may feel the need to tie one on when anguishing over finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Skip the tie altogether this year and go for something a bit more unique.

This space is normally reserved for fashion sense; however, this month we’re expanding beyond our defined borders to think outside the box about fashionable gifts for Father’s Day. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas to show Dad how much we appreciate him.

A great idea for a golfing dad that isn’t just par for the course is personalized golf balls. Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls can be personalized to suit the man or woman in your life. Get up to four lines of text printed on balls. Not only that, these golf balls have great composition with a velocity that can help increase distance. Who can get teed off with a great gift like that?

Have meat, will travel. Get Dad fired up over premium meats delivered right to his front door from Holy Grail Steak Co.  All meat is hormone- and antibiotic-free, and it’s blast-frozen at minus-30 degrees for optimum preservation during transit. Delivered in a beautiful heavy box, it’s a gift bound to impress, and you can choose from filets to tomahawks and wagyu steaks. Flame on!

To really pamper him, show your dad a new way of shaving with a heated razor by GilletteLabs. This razor delivers a smooth and luxurious shave thanks to its stainless-steel bar that heats up seconds before you shave. It has multiple settings and four heat sensors that keep the temperature consistent the whole shave. You get the hot towel barber shop shave from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re celebrating with all your family or sending gifts from afar, all of these gifts can be ordered online and shipped directly to your dad. And don’t forget to support your local businesses with gift cards to his favorite restaurant, brewery or place for a shave and a haircut.

Dad will welcome any gift you give, but these ideas should help nudge you in a direction he’ll really appreciate. Happy Father’s Day.


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