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New Staples for Your Work Wardrobe

Time to start adding some new staples to your wardrobe.

Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal and for the world to begin once again showing itself in full glory. As the coronavirus vaccine makes the rounds, the pendulum is starting its long and slow return swing toward normalcy — and for many that may mean regularly revisiting that off-site location where you dressed appropriately and intermingled with colleagues in a shared endeavor.

The workplace! It’s been so long since many of us have been there that the name completely escaped me for a second.

Just like spring, it’s important that you show yourself in your full glory when you return to the office. So now is a good time to shed all those comfy work-from-home clothes and start adding some new staples to your wardrobe.

An essential for any working wardrobe is a button-down shirt — but forget the stiff stuffiness that the name implies. Many companies are making them luxuriously soft and comfortable. It’s the same great look with an all-new feel and comfort.

Another wardrobe standard for spring is a blazer with a flattering cut and made from a jersey or fleece material. These softer materials make it even easier to push up the sleeves and pop the collar for a more casual look or layer it over a shirt and a thin sweater for warmth.

Luckily for many of us, leggings  are still a great basic for the office when paired with a full sweater that’s long enough for an office setting. In spring, leggings are cute with a tunic or a normal-length shirt with a thin duster over top and a great pair of boots.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with colors in your wardrobe for the office. Think about rocking some non-typical colors that will stand out. One of my favorite looks for several seasons is monochromatic outfits of all blues or whites or grays. They are chic and classic, and when matched perfectly can be stunning.

Get back to work with your professional wardrobe in check thanks to just a few essentials.

Whether it’s the boardroom or the breakroom, you’ll be dressed for success.


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