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Style: Trends allow a dressed-up look with a dressed-down sentiment

Pandemic fashion and a shift to comfortable designs.

One of the best things to come out this pandemic, in my opinion, has been the shift in women’s wear to softer, more flattering and comfortable professional designs. In previous columns I have talked about the resurgence of sweats and athleisure, but now it’s been kicked up several notches, and I adore it.

I love that the clothes being designed embrace femininity, comfort and professionalism. It seems like a subtle movement, showing that as a woman you can still be beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

One of my favorite examples of this are faux-denim joggers, which I affectionately call “jets.” They are very different from their cousin, the leggings made to look like skintight denim known as “jeggings.” They look like jeans in a jogger style, but they are actually sweatpants. They come in many different washes and colors. Some are distressed, and some are not. They have belt loops and pockets and are simply remarkable. More importantly, jets are very comfortable.

Another fun trend is silk or satin pants with a stretchy waistband. These are fantastic because they can be dressed up. Worn with a fuzzy sweater and a French tuck, aka front tuck, and you’re ready for any elegant occasion. Some varieties of these pants have fun waistbands with designs or words on them, mimicking a belt. These pants can be worn with a blouse or a nice T-shirt to be ready for an office or a business lunch.

Next time you are shopping for a new outfit, I strongly encourage my clients, to consider one of these options. Where is it written that to be dressed up immediately means discomfort? I love that sexy and feminine comfort can now be synonymous.


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