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Local Physician Offers New Technique to Correct Bunions   Take it from someone who has a great big, ugly, burning bunion on her righ…

Local Physician Offers New Technique to Correct Bunions


Take it from someone who has a great big, ugly, burning bunion on her right foot. Bunions are no fun. I’ve had to give up heels and wear my shoes in “wide” just to make room for this nagging unwelcomed guest for several years. I’ve never had a consultation or even mentioned it to my doctor because I’ve heard rumors on the surgery and recovery time for bunion removal, with a chance it could return. Of course, remember that people usually only share the bad stories and not the good ones. There are plenty of great results from current methods! I’m still a little scared. 

But a new procedure gives me pause. Could there be hope for me yet? I’m actually excited at the thought of being free from this monster clinging to my foot.

According to McLaren Greater Lansing, a bunion is a malposition of the big toe joint that happens when the position of the metatarsophalangeal joint swings out over time. This can happen as you age or can also be hereditary. In fact, my mom and I were just comparing bunions over the weekend. Side note, thanks a lot for the hereditary malposition, Mom. I still love you anyway.

Bunions are more common for females. They also can be extremely painful. Mine only hurts when I wear the wrong shoes. Others have much more serious pain. The nonsurgical treatments generally consist of buying wider shoes and changing up your shoe style for maximum comfort. See your doctor and get their advice on how you should treat yours.

There is the surgery route and this can be scary for some.

But according to McLaren, if surgery is your only option, it is worth looking into a new procedure: Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction. The groundbreaking procedure is now being performed by Dr. Karl Dunn. In fact, Dunn is the only surgeon in the area that is performing this procedure and has been awarded Center of Excellence by the manufacturer.

Now I’m listening, doc!

This new procedure fixes the root cause and therefore can lead to lower bunion return rates. An interesting option to consider, because it would be a joy to slip my feet into cute shoes again.



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