The Dog Days of October?

Fur babies get their special days, weeks and in some cases the entire month of October It is commonly accepted that August brings us the …

Fur babies get their special days, weeks and in some cases the entire month of October

It is commonly accepted that August brings us the dog days of summer. That designation actually has nothing to do with the dogs that bark.

According to National Geographic, the dog days refer to the Dog Star, Sirius, and its position in the sky. To the Greeks and Romans, the dog days occurred when Sirius appeared to rise just before sunrise, in late July.

But October might be the dog days after all since there are five national days and weeks honoring our canine family members.

Oct. 1 is National Black Dog Day. In our office, we usually have at least one black dog running about – Otis the pug – and sometimes as many as three dog visitors. It turns out that black dogs are less likely to be adopted for no other reason than their coloring. Regardless of behavior, size, breeding, personality or age, the phenomenon persists. Observe the day by giving a black dog the opportunity to join your family, and use  #NationalBlackDogDay to share on social media.

Oct. 1 is also National Fire Pup Day, a time to recognize the canine firefighters that have long been members of fire departments across the country (since the 1700s). Dalmatians remain a recognizable tradition in fire stations and serve as mascots, educate the public about fire safety and represent past fire pups in honor of their heroism. Use #NationalFirePupDay to post on social media.

Oct. 22 is a new observance called National Make a Dog’s Day Day. There is no background information on the special day on the National Day Calendar. I guess we are just supposed to make the day special for Fido.

October is also Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and Wishbones for Pets Month, during which pet sitters and animal lovers raise as much money as they can for their favorite pet-related charity. It actually runs from Oct. 15 to Nov. 30, so you have extra time to collect donations to benefit pets.

A dog-related week is set aside in October as National Wolf Awareness Week. It is a floating commemoration of the wolf in every dog, as the pet food commercial states.

Oct. 4 is World Animal Day, for which there is no information, just the listing on the International Day Calendar. Dogs fit into that category, so be nice to your pup that day as well.

The entire month of October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month, which pretty much speaks for itself.

Not to be distracting, but October is also Squirrel Awareness Month (don’t mistake it with National Squirrel Appreciation Day on Jan. 21). You can bet your dog will be aware of squirrels that day (and any other day, for that matter).

Feline family members have their days as well. Oct. 16 is Global Cat Day. Oct. 27 is National Black Cat Day (I would have pegged Oct. 31 for that, but what do I know?), which is also National Mother-in-Law Day (which some might consider unlucky as well). Oct. 29 is just National Cat Day.

Don’t forget the third week of October is National Veterinary Tech Week. Where would our fur babies be without good health care?





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