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The Rich Tapestry of Neighborhoods: Sylvan Glen residents stay connected through a common purpose

The phrase “good fences make good neighbors” comes from the Robert Frost poem “Mending Wall.”

However, fences seem to be few and far between throughout the wooded lots of the Sylvan Glen neighborhood — and many of the residents there are all the happier about that.

Perched on the southern bank of the Red Cedar River in Meridian Township, the two-dozen or so homes in Sylvan Glen abutting the 15-acre Red Cedar Glen Preserve comprise something akin to their own micro-society.

Socialization among neighbors has been steadily on the decline since the 1970s, with everything from technology like television and the internet to the isolation and lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic being cited as contributors in the shift to a more disconnected and individualized approach to leisure time.

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