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Travel insurance: Is it worth the peace of mind?

Picture it: You’re on a long-dreamed-of cruise when suddenly you witness your partner showing signs of stroke or other serious illness. Suddenly, they are being medically evacuated via helicopter to the nearest hospital. Not only do you have to figure out what your medical insurance will cover, but you have to manage the costs of a very out- of-network hospital stay for your partner, hotel and meals for you, and the cost of getting home. The results could be catastrophic.

Or, perhaps you have to cancel a trip for personal reasons — you’ve had a significant travel delay that forces you to find accommodations while you wait or you lose a valuable, irreplaceable item that was in lost luggage.

Travel insurance is designed to protect against risks and financial loss, but it is solely up to you whether you make the decision to purchase it. You may feel you are healthy, your travel plans offer limited risk or you are simply not worried about the risks.

Regardless, it is important to know travel insurance exists for business and personal use. You should always speak with a professional — your local insurance agent — about whether the peace of mind is worth the additional cost to you.