We’re in this together

We are all affected in one way or another by the arrival of COVID-19 to the U.S. and, now, our own community. We at CAWLM have been work…

We are all affected in one way or another by the arrival of COVID-19 to the U.S. and, now, our own community. We at CAWLM have been working hard to update our April issue, which is currently in production. In the meantime, we are vigilantly checking our sources, posting information on social media and focusing on getting through this, together.

Together is the key word. No one is alone in this.

Our publisher, M3 Group, also publishes Greater Lansing Business Monthly, where we’ve compiled a list of FAQS for you if you have questions or need resources when it comes to your business, personal needs and health.

In the meantime, we want to recognize people who have been greatly impacted by the outbreak and have still gone the extra mile to help others.

Health care workers

Health care workers are on the front lines as we combat this virus. We can’t even imagine the stress they are going through. Moreover, these workers have to distance themselves from their own families to keep them safe. Our hearts go out to them.

Small-business owners and staff

Closures to meet guidelines from the governor and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have caused potentially devastating financial losses for business owners and staff who have had to stop or severely limit services. Even just a few weeks without work or business can be life-changing. Yet, many are doing what they can to help by donating services and supplies.  Restaurants have donated to foodbanks, businesses owners have switched gears to create hand sanitizers, and some grocery stores are working to offer special shopping times for seniors and others with special circumstances.

News agencies

Journalists aren’t always among those considered on the front lines, but your local television anchors and reporters are putting in extra hours to deliver us information as quickly as it becomes available. They have to report to work. This is a thankless job, and we commend them for their efforts.

Grocery and retail staff

We’re stressed, and it shows in the grocery and drugstores as we make panic purchases.

Many of these workers are stressed, too, as they are exposed to multiple people daily. A cashier doesn’t stand 6 feet from a customer at the checkout, after all.

We can’t name them all. The list is too long and continuing to grow every day.

No one has it easy at this moment.

Not a single person.

Consider the following:

  • Try your best to support small businesses with online purchases
  • Offer small jobs to those looking for temporary work
  • Buy gas or gift cards to give to those in need
  • Prepare frozen/oven-ready meals for those working extra hours
  • Gift essentials and groceries to those with lost wages
  • Check on the elderly and help them with supplies (at a good social distance)
  • Be patient with those who are showing signs of increased anxiety and stress
  • Share messages of hope and encouragement to those who need it
  • Be a positive example for those who don’t understand the severity of the situation
  • Share news only from trusted sources
  • Follow safety measures and guidelines

Most importantly, take good care of yourself.



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