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What Women Want

The other day, I was viewing the profiles of people who had viewed my profile on an online dating Web site. There were the usual items — …

The other day, I was viewing the profiles of people who had viewed my profile on an online dating Web site. There were the usual items — those with no photos, no personal information about who they are or what they like to do; and yet, they want you to drop them notes. Then came what I like to call the interesting reading material.

Spelling bee

Has anyone ever said to you, “spelling doesn’t count”? Complete fabrication! Spelling always counts, especially if you are putting yourself online for everyone to see in hopes of finding that special someone. I’m not saying that we don’t all occasionally miss a word or two. I’ve done that myself. I’m talking about consistently bad spelling. Of the same word. Several times in the profile. It just takes a few minutes to double check these things. When you leave me a message and the word “baby” is spelled incorrectly more than once, I have a hard time seeing past that.

Chatty Cathy he isn’t

I understand that men are not as talkative as women. However, when you are trying to get to know someone you’ve clearly expressed interest in, give a girl something, anything, to help keep the conversation rolling. I was asking a guy about his martial arts — I wasn’t familiar with “Mixed Martial Arts” — and got a five word answer. Where do you go from there?

I’m too sexy to get to know you

Every woman I know likes to be told that she’s beautiful and made to feel special. Let me just say that those warm fuzzy feelings drop dramatically when the first communiqué is all about how much they just want to make out with me. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so please tell me how this will lead to a meaningful relationship? A gentleman that I had politely rejected apparently felt that I wasn’t serious about us not being a good match. He proceeded to send me a note with his home address and basically asked me if we could hook up. Yeah right; I’m headed right over … because of how highly you value me.

It isn’t that any one of these things is horrible per sé — well, the last one is for sure — but some of these guys need a refresher course in spelling and conversation and a reality check on what women want.


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