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What’s In A Name: Williamston diners are flocking to that new place in the city

It may just be the shrewdest name in the restaurant world — mostly because, at one time or another, it’s slipped past all of our tongues. 

“Do you want to try that new place?”  

“I hear that new place is pretty good.”  

“Let’s swing by that new place after the show.” 

Husband-and-wife co-owners Ray Priebe and Carrie Ballou have taken the vague generalities out of such phrases with That New Place at 146 W. Grand River Ave. in Williamston. Since opening in May, the restaurant and bakery has solidified its reputation as a firm destination in the city.  

Priebe and Callou met at culinary school in Traverse City. Just as it’s a winding path to get here from there, so was their path to the opening of the quaint spot in Williamston, working farmers markets and as a popup before launching the brick-and- mortar location. 

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