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Winter 2020 Fashion is a Blast From the Past

I am excited to share winter 2020 fashion trends because they pull from many areas of inspiration and they all work together wonderfully….

I am excited to share winter 2020 fashion trends because they pull from many areas of inspiration and they all work together wonderfully.

I find all of the metallic gold pieces endearing. My grandmother, who is one of my fashion inspirations, was born in Texas and spent the majority of her life in Oklahoma, and she loved gold lamé. She would carry huge gold purses and wear big gold earrings, metallic gold blouses and shoes. It was always a brilliant pop of color that went with anything. She was quiet in nature and soft-spoken, so I like to think her audacious pops of gold were her rebellious and courageous side. If you choose to embrace the gold metallic trend you could make a statement without having to say a word.

Puffer jackets are easy and need no introduction here. They are everywhere for winter 2020. I love a trend that is already in my closet. This is such a practical and purposeful accessory when you live in the great white north. My puffer is so warm on some days I can wear it with jeans and a T-shirt and some sneaks, then on days where it is colder it works with a giant sweater too. Who knew one of my favorite winter items would be such a hit this year?

If you are like me, who enjoys hanging onto my favorite items through the decades, knowing that they will once again rise to the season, you will love that shoulder pads are back. This is a signature look from the ‘80s and they add structure and architecture to any outfit. They 2020 version of this could be a white T-shirt with a denim skirt or in a sequined fitted dress; either way, you will be hip to be square.

The Sparrow Advantage

Houndstooth is another trend that is getting a resurgence. The geometric pattern is androgynous and can be worn many different ways, including on printed tights, which are perfect under a long solid-color maxi dress, with some short chunky black boots.

This past summer while on vacation in Italy I love seeing women in dresses. So even in Michigan, as the temperatures drop and the snow falls, these fun tights give us a chance to wear dresses without freezing. So, grab a pair of boots, printed tights and that dress will be perfect for the office or a night out with friends, just like those Europeans!

I hope you enjoy these picks as much as I do, always remember the key to great style is to wear what makes you feel great and works for you.


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