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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

The list of improvements to your home is a never-ending task, especially when it comes to the outside of your house. But there are smaller projects that you can do besides repainting the entire house to show that you have pride in your home.


Light up the outdoors

Don’t be afraid to add some lights along the walkway or around your flower beds. This adds interesting depth to your home in the evening, with the bonus of being easier to see when you come home late.


Tighten up those edges

There are those places that the lawn mower just won’t reach, mostly the edges of lawn. You’d be surprised how much cleaner your yard looks when the edges of the sidewalk are cleared.


Update that mailbox

Whether it’s a new mailbox or a new coat of paint, an old mailbox is something that people will notice. Sometimes it just needs a good wash.


The power of washing

Speaking of washing, a lot of dirt and grime hides in plain sight. Rent a power washer for an afternoon and turn your driveway and sidewalk to the crispest concrete in the neighborhood.


Numbers matter

Something often overlooked are the numbers on the side of your house. Whether it’s a potential buyer or the pizza guy, they are used to identify your house. Be sure to make certain that your address is legible and visible from a distance.