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Awards: More Than Office Knickknacks

Winning an award is a momentous occasion for a business and its employees, showing their hard work and achievements off to the community. It may seem like a long process, but it is worth it in the long run for a number of reasons.



While it may not be free, it is publicity. Many awards have ads and ceremonies that will bring more awareness of your business to the community you serve or bring your business to the forefront of other businesses in the community.



When people see that plaque or award in your place of business, they’ll see physical proof of your business’s dedication and commitment. That award may be just what can tip the scales when trying to close a deal or open new business.


Staff Morale

Not only are awards important for your business, but they are also important for your employees. To see their hard work and dedication recognized by the community is important for staff morale. It can also be put on future resumes by employees, maybe tipping the scales in their favor over other perspective employees. Even if you do not win, it is an important way to show that you are proud of the work your employees do and wish to show it off.


Fresh Eyes

Many times, you move from project to project, never taking more than a cursory glance back at previous work. But many awards force you to take a deep dive into the project for which you wish to be recognized. Not only can you see what you would do differently, you can see how far everybody has improved since an earlier project.


Attract Talent

When prospective employees check out your website, they should see any awards that your team has received. This shows that you are proud of your work and your employees. It also shows future employees what they could be a part of by putting your best foot forward.