Mastering the Humblebrag

Just like the film “This Is Spinal Tap” taught us all that there is “a fine line between stupid and clever,” the line between confidence …

Just like the film “This Is Spinal Tap” taught us all that there is “a fine line between stupid and clever,” the line between confidence and arrogance walks an equally precarious razor’s edge. Enter the humblebrag — that wonderful way to tout your qualifications and business accomplishments without being offputtingly obnoxious. Here are five ways to do a low-key flex without inducing a reflexive eyeroll.


Email Signature

Placing a statement or logo of an achievement in a business email signature is a nice subtle way to bring attention to an accomplishment or award as well as legitimize the seriousness and dedication of the company in its mission and values without going over the top.

The Sparrow Advantage


Reviews and Testimonials

Why toot your own horn when others will do it for you — and bring a level of sincerity of trustworthiness in the process? Reviews and testimonials are powerful tools that lend a sense of credibility to your achievements. At the same time, they help convert potential customers into new customers.



Sharing video on social media channels or your website not only enhances the visitor experience, but it also is a great way to showcase the positive things happening in the company and with your teammates. Go ahead and share that awards ceremony or acceptance speech.


Press Releases

A press release highlighting an accomplishment lends an aura of newsy-ness to the achievement as well as shows the value you provide to customers and the community. People love reading about changes or new things taking place at businesses within their communities. It’s why the Professional Highlights section in 517 Magazine is so well read.


Bring a Wider Focus

Even if you received an individual recognition and want to spread the word, don’t forget to mention what the honor means in bringing prestige and value to the entire company. Very few things are accomplished alone. More than likely, there was a whole team of people paving the way for your success.


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