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Michigan Milestone Makers: Five Notable Women of the Mitten States

It’s important to highlight accomplishments that have had impact on Michigan and the world. Here are some of the women added to the Michigan Women Forward Hall of Fame Timeline.


Esther Gordy Edwards

The visionary creator and benefactor of the Motown Historical Museum, the late Esther Gordy Edwards was highly praised for her work. In order to establish Motown Records, Berry Gordy borrowed $800 from The Gordy Family Savings Club (The Ber-Berry Co-op). The family co-op was founded with Esther Gordy Edwards’ assistance Gordy Edwards however held numerous senior positions with Motown Records for nearly three decades before becoming the helm of the well adored museum, which she founded in 1985.

Carol Sue Hutchins

With a career record of 1,707-555-5(0.755) and 38 seasons as the leadership at the University of Michigan softball program from 1985 to 2002, Carol Sue Hutchins departed as the most successful coach in NCAA softball history. Hutchins is also the most successful coach in Michigan athletics history, male or female.


Mary Kramer

With more than 25 years of reporting and management expertise, Mary Kramer is a seasoned veteran. In 1989, she began work at Crain’s Detroit Business, and in 1990 she was promoted to associate publisher. Kramer joined Crain Communications Inc. in May 1994 as a vice president. In May 2005 she was promoted to publisher, in charge of Crain’s Detroit Business editorial and sales operations. In addition to Crain’s Detroit Business, she also oversaw Crain’s Cleveland Business when she was designated group publisher at Crain Communications in 2012.


Mary Locke Petermann

American Cellular biologist Mary Locke Petermann is best known for playing a crucial part in the identification of animal ribosomes, the molecular assembles responsible for protein synthesis. Her achievements across a nontraditional 40-year period, from the 1930s to the 1970s, are impressive. Her influence will endure forever as a role model for young women and girls pursuing careers in the sciences.


Danielle Camille Woods

Dedicated to bridging the gap between the LGBTW community and law enforcement, Officer Danielle Cammille Woods is a leader in her community and in her state. Woods, a 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, is familiar with the historically tumultuous relationship between the LGBTW community and law enforcement in the city of Detroit. Woods realized she had to take something alter the story. When she was appointed to the Chief’s Neighborhood Liaison Unit as the Detroit Police Department’s first ever LGBTW liaison, she had the chance to accomplish just that.