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Mind and the Machine

5 great jobs in manufacturing.

5 great jobs in manufacturing and the education you need to have them

Manufacturing offers myriad employment opportunities that pay well and allow you to see the results of your work. The list of available jobs in the industry is endless, but here are five interesting options to consider.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering refers to a broad range of jobs in the engineering industry. These workers spend their time researching, designing, developing, building, testing and inspecting mechanical devices. The devices a mechanical engineer works on may include engines, tools, thermal sensors and large machinery apparatus. A bachelor’s degree is often the base needed for the work.

Instrument Technician

An instrument technician has nothing to do with musical inclinations. They are expected to inspect, test, calibrate and repair monitor devices. They closely read out the data of their various devices using scientific and analytical software specific for the device. Instruments may range from electrical, mechanical, pneumatic or nuclear devices. This position requires a high school diploma, but an associate degree or higher is preferred.

CAD Draftsperson

A computer-aided design draftsperson is an individual who utilizes specific software to create plans and schematics for engineers, architects and product manufacturers. CAD professionals collaborate with engineers to transform designs into technical drawings and must have outstanding listening and collaboration skills. A certificate in CAD drafting or an associate degree is preferred.

CNC Operator

A computer numerically controlled operator is a highly skilled production and manufacturing worker who is skilled at using a CNC machine. An operator must be able to read technical drawings and calibrate the machine to manufacture the desired product to specifications. The necessary skills and experience for this job can be gained through technical schools.

Industrial Painter

An industrial painter uses various painting techniques to paint industrial buildings and equipment. Industrial painters are expected to prepare and apply paints and maintain equipment. They must be able to apply paint, varnishes and other coatings to metals, woods and plastic surfaces. A high school diploma or equivalent and professional painting experience are preferred.



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