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10 for ‘Studio 10’

A quick-fire game of 10 Questions with Stephanie McCoy and Holly Harper.

We played a quick-fire game of 10 Questions with Stephanie McCoy and Holly Harper, the hosts of the news and lifestyle show “Studio 10” that airs weekdays at 4 p.m. on WILX-TV.


What famous celebrity would you most like to interview?

McCoy: Dolly Parton

Harper: Britney Spears


What local celebrity would you most like to interview?

McCoy: David Andrews

Harper: Magic Johnson


What is your superpower?

McCoy: Making people laugh

Harper: Multitasking


If you had your own personal theme song, what would it be?
McCoy: The theme song from “The Facts of Life

Harper: “Stand Out” from “A Goofy Movie


What’s your favorite thing to do in the 517?

McCoy: Go out to eat

Harper: Workout


Last restaurant you ate at in the 517?

McCoy: Art’s Pub

Harper: Pablo’s Old Town


For someone new to the area, what activity or sightseeing adventure do you recommend?

McCoy: A Lansing Lugnuts baseball game

Harper: The Lansing River Trail


If you had to change careers today, what would you be?

McCoy: Working with a Major League Baseball team, preferably the Tigers

Harper: Mattel Barbie designer


What word/phrase do you admit you use too much?

McCoy: “Very good” or “Oof”

Harper: “I love it”


Favorite local business and lifestyle magazine? 

Both: 517 Business and Life


Good answers, ladies!


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